The new A400 now makes the most sophisticated coffee experience available to all, in business of every shape and size, worldwide. 


With the A400, Franke is bringing the premium technology of its professional machines into a new class. The new A400 now makes the most sophisticated coffee experience available to all, in business of every shape and size, worldwide. The smart solutions of the new A400 contribute to the success of numerous businesses, including convenience stores, retail, offices, hotels, book stores, and even bakeries.

Fact check: The five keys to success of the A400
The new A400 is the product of Franke’s comprehensive know-how and extensive experience, delivering state-of-the-art technology, consistent quality, durability and, of course, the pleasure of premium coffee each and every day. Franke delights connoisseurs worldwide with premium coffee thanks to its:
Fact 1: Latest professional technology. The A400 brings all the innovations of the professional             A series to any business, so that even small businesses can offer the best coffee shop-standard coffee.
Fact 2: Easy operation. The interactive touchscreen uses pictures and symbols to guide customers to their perfect coffee. Tried and tested in every service scenario.
Fact 3: The finest milk foam. The A series professional A400 has FoamMaster™ technology to 
guarantee premium quality milk foam in every cup.
Fact 4: Maximum cleanliness, automatically. A fully automatic cleaning system guarantees a safer process and is more hygienic. It also makes everyday handling of the machine much easier.
Fact 5: Long-term added value. The premium class A400 benefits from the versatility and flexibility of the Franke A series. Making it a safe long-term investment.

Innovative user interface
The A400 is a smart coffee machine that creates a dialog between man and machine. The desired beverage can be selected instantly with a simple touch or swipe of a finger on the innovative user interface, and it’s very easy to set the cup size. Thanks to seamless interaction, intuitive menu prompts and superb efficiency, the A400 knows what the customer wants – and delivers it in premium quality. Guests are impressed and service staff can work more efficiently – all whilst the A400 generates additional revenue for the operator or investor.

Swiss design: Perfect right down to the last detail
When it comes to making coffee, the core process is – and always will be – extraction. Franke has selected only the best components for the A400 to create a state-of-the-art system. The A400 embodies Swiss quality and smart design solutions, right down to the last detail.

CleanMaster: fully automatic cleaning
Complying with the most stringent hygiene standards is a matter of course for Franke. That’s why the A400 is also available with CleanMaster, the fully automatic cleaning system. Once the cleaning process is started, the milk cleaning sequence is executed without the need to do anything else, and the machine goes into standby mode once it’s done. It couldn’t be easier to use, offering impressive convenience and an extremely safe process, even when service staff change regularly. 

FoamMaster™ for perfect milk foam
The A400 also punches above its weight when it comes to milk foam, especially the models featuring the optional FoamMaster™ system, which serves outstanding, Barista-quality milk foam at the touch of a button. The FoamMaster™ is used throughout the entire Franke A series, guaranteeing that every beverage is served with exactly the right milk foam.

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20 October 2017