24 May 2016 Lifestyles News


Download consumer ready video and high resolution images covering the adventurous side of Mie Prefecture.


Discovering Mie Prefecture - A look into the beautiful area that’s hosting the G7 summit.

One of a series of four pieces of consumer ready video with accompanying photos, this set focusing on the adventurous side of Mie Prefecture

STORY:  JAPAN TRAVEL MIE (4) “Adventure in Mie”
SOURCE: Mie Citizens Council for the Ise-Shima Summit
DATELINE:   Mie Prefecture, Japan - 25 March, & 25, 27,28 April  2016
LENGTH: 03:15  

Amusement Park, Kuwana, Mie Prefecture – 25 April 2016
1. Mid shot roller coaster
2.  Wide shot roller coaster
3.  Close-up woman on roller coaster
4. Wide shot roller coaster 
5. Close-up woman riding roller coaster
6. Various of roller coasters
7. Ride hits water, splashes water on viewers wearing red waterproof coats

Ninja museum of Igaryu, Mie Prefecture - 25 March 2016
8. Close up of man putting on Ninja shoes
9. Hands tieing up black Ninja belt
10. Close-up tieing Ninja sleeves
11. Close-up man adjusting black Ninja hood
12. Wide shot man posing in Ninja costume
13. Man hides behind secret door
14. Man in Ninja costume appears from secret door
15. Close-up Ninja with sword
16. Wide shot Ninja putting prayer beads in pocket
17. Close-up Ninja drawing sword
18. Various Ninja cutting pole of reed matting
19. Various Female Ninja climbing wall and jumping down
20. Wide shot Ninja doing fight performance
21. Ninja displays throwing star
22. Ninja throws throwing star
23. Western man in Ninja clothing throws star, gasps
24. Pan from star being pulled out of wall to face of man
25. Man throwing Ninja star
26. Close-up star stuck in target board

Pearl shop, Mie Prefecture, Japan – 28 April 2016
27. Close-up net holding shellfish(Akoyagai) being pulled out of water
28. Man carrying net across platform
29. Net holding shellfish on table
30. Woman pointing at net
31. Close-up of woman’s hand
32. Close-up shellfish
33. Various of woman pulling pearl out of shellfish(Akoyagai), admiring it

Flower Park, Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, Japan - 25 April 2016
34.  Various of flowers on display
35. Various of woman admiring flowers

Matsusaka Beef Restaurant, Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture, Japan – 27 April 2016
36. Close-up raw Matsusaka beef
37. Woman at table waiting to be served
38. Various of Matsusaka beef being prepared as sukiyaki dish
39. Woman eating Matsusaka sukiyaki

24 May 2016