19 May 2019 Entertainment News


Little Tikes Celebrates 50th Anniversary by hosting 12 simultaneous playdates throughout the world.


Who says you can’t be a kid again?  In twelve cities around the world, Little Tikes hosted parents and kids at the “World’s Biggest Playdate”, a global event in celebration of the brand’s 50th anniversary.   The events were held on March 18th, 2019 in London, Toronto, Lima and others.  The largest of all the global events was in the U.S. at a sprawling park in Pasadena, Calif.

The event was hosted by Brett Tutor, host of Trading Spaces on TLC.

“This is the most fun happening on planet earth today,” said Tutor.  “And the point is not only for kids to have fun, but for families to come together.”

Parents and kids enjoyed a Cozy Coupe racetrack, a neighborhood of Cape Cottage Playhouses, (play) cooking demonstrations, bounce houses and an oversized Turtle ball pit.  Parents enjoyed adult-sized replicas of classic Little Tikes items such as the Cozy Coupe as well as other traditional products.  

“It’s a lot of fun, a lot of energy.  The kids were bouncing off the walls to get in,” said Matt Abney, a local parent who was there with his 18-month old son, Wesley. 

The event reminded parents and kids to be active and playful through discovery together which the brand evangelizes on their web series “Project Play Big!”, on the Little Tikes Facebook and YouTube page, also hosted by Brett Tutor.  Those who were not able to attend one of the events can still host their own party at home with tips and party ideas  www.LittleTikes.com.  For those in attendance, the scope was not lost on them. 

Local parent Melanie Nou said, “This is the biggest playdate we’ve ever been to.”



Source: Associated Press Content Services/Invision/MGA Entertainment

Los Angeles, 18 May 2019

1. World’s Biggest Playdate Graphic for Pasadena, Calif. event

2. Wide view of families entering the park under the welcome arch

3. Closeup of welcome arch and branding

4. Crowds in line waiting to enter

5. Families wave to camera as they enter the park

6. Cozy Coupe Pedi-cab zooming by

7. Two Cozy Coupe Pedi-cabs ride closely together in the distance

8. Closeup of signage on Cozy Coupe Pedi-cab door, pull out

9. Soundbite (English) Brett Tutor, Host of Little Tike’s Project: Play Big!

“The reason that we're here is it’s Little Tikes 50th anniversary.  This is the biggest playdate.  This is the most fun happening on planet earth today.  And the point is not only for kids to have fun but for families to come together and to show the parents, you know, how important it is to connect with your kids, you know, get disconnected from social media and all that and connect with your family and just play.  Just have a little bit of fun."

10. Closeup of child riding in Cozy Coupe and pull out to reveal coupe racing track

11. Closeup of child in pink Cozy Coupe

12. Wide shot of moms pushing three girls in pink/purple Cozy Coupes

13. Low POV child riding green Cozy Coupe and pan up to dad pushing his son

14. Young child waving to camera inside his Cozy Coupe

15. Wide shot of adult oversized Cozy Coupe photo area and general racetrack

16. Wide shot of parents playing with their children inside of their Cozy Coupes

17. Wide shot of mom and son posing for a picture inside the oversized Cozy Coupe

18. Medium shot of mom and son posing for a picture inside the oversized Cozy Coupe

19. Mom taking a picture of her son

20. Young children play with a sandbox

21. Medium shot and pull to wide of young child sliding down a slide inside the ball pit

22. Brett Tutor playing with a young child in the ball pit

23. Little Tikes branding on giant slide

24. Wide cutaway of two young children coming down the slide

25. Soundbite (English) Brett Tutor, Host of Little Tike’s Project: Play Big!

“I used to have a Cozy Coupe when I was a little kid, you know the orange and yellow one that you see, and we had a picture I think I was four years old or something like that.  Me and my brother had one and here I am as an adult in an adult-sized Cozy Coupe and it’s all just coming full circle.  It’s so fun there’s so much cool stuff to be had out here.”

26. Wide shot of cooking demo “host”

27. Young girl flips toy food in her pan

28. Medium shot of mom and her sons participating in kitchen demo

29. Cutaway of same mom and sons participating in kitchen demo

30. Closeup of child playing with kitchen in and pull to reveal second family in foreground looking inside basket during kitchen demo

31. Parent hovers over his young child in kitchen demo

32. Closeup of young child playing with toy kitchen utensils

33. Parent and child swing a bat in the Team Tikes photo opportunity

34. Young child examines toy lawn mower

35. Soundbite (English) Matt Abney and Wesley, age 18 months  

“It’s a lot of fun, a lot of energy.  The kids were bouncing off the walls to get in and went straight to the ball pit.  We might not get them out the rest of the day, but yeah, great atmosphere, everybody’s having a lot of fun.”

36. Parent helps child prepare for a baseball swing

37. Closeup of young child swinging and hitting ball

38. Parent helps his daughter swing at a ball on a tee

39. Staffer helps young girl shoot a ball through the hoop

40. Soundbite, Jaclyn Morse, left, Erling Giverholt, right and Vin, age 4

"He's played baseball. He played basketball. You got popsicle, you got a juice box, that was pretty cool.”

41. Soundbite, Vin, age 4

“And I got to ride in the parking lot on the big car and someone [rode] on the bicycle [unintelligible].

42. Wide pan of sponsor tents

43. Apple & Eve sponsor tent

44. Little girls being handed Apple & Eve juice boxes

45. Wide shot of Sun-Maid sponsor tent

46. Medium shot of young children sitting on miniature park bench

47. Soundbites (English) Melanie Nou, left, Sam Nou, and daughter

“This is the biggest playdate we’ve ever been to.  And it has all her favorite toys”

48. Young child examines a toy truck

49. Mother and young child playing with toys on a mat

50. Soundbite (English) Brett Tutor, Host of Little Tike’s Project: Play Big!

“And also, Little-Tikes-dot-com. There's, it's basically the center for fun. If you want to come and learn how to have fun and learn how to incorporate these toys in your every daily life. That's where to go."

51. Two young children waving at the camera

19 May 2019