28 February 2018 Business Environment News


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Europe’s largest convention for sustainable city development stages a new action plan for the Covenant of Mayors.

More than 30 cities Sign Covenant of Mayors in Vienna

Europe’s largest convention for sustainable city development stages a new action plan for the Covenant of Mayors

Vienna, 28th February 2018 – 3,000 participants from over 400 cities, 50 countries und four continents: the most inspiring CityChangers will be meeting at the URBAN FUTURE Global Conference (UFGC) over the next three days. The City of Vienna is hosting the UFCG for the first time and will share a strong signal with the signature of the Convenant of Mayors for climate & energy.

There is no doubt that the future of the world will be decided in cities. Nowhere else can new models and ways of human cohabitation be created and tried out in a more diverse way. This has direct and profound implications for everybody. In 2018 two out of four people live in urban regions. In ten years time, it will be three out of four: a huge challenge for politics, society & economy.

Clear the Stage for the CityChangers

CityChangers are driving sustainable changes in cities all around the world with their ideas  & dedication. “To increase the speed of change in cities, it is essential to ensure that those people form networks & have an opportunity to exchange their experiences,” explains Gerald Babel-Sutter, CEO of the UFGC. As more than 100 mayors meet at the UFGC, the City of Vienna sets the tone by signing the Convention of Mayors. 30 other cities – such as Athens, Brussels, Warsaw, Ljubljana and Innsbruck – are going to sign as well. Signatory cities pledge action to support the implementation of the EU’s target to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030 and the adoption of a joint approach for adapting to climate change.

Sustainable Cities Must Focus on People

At the UFGC 3.000 participants are exchanging their thoughts on topics around sustainable city planning & management. “A city may be called a smart city only if it can activate the full potential of its citizens, enabling  people to take part in city life and design its change,” states Maria Vassilakou, Vice-Mayor of Vienna. Daniel Termont, President of EUROCITIES & Mayor of Gent, emphasises the value of citizens participating in urban processes. “A more positive future for Europe starts with its citizens. As local leaders and members of EUROCITIES, we are committed to engaging our citizens in a dialogue about our future. At a time when politics – both at a national and a European level – is failing to match people’s expectations, we are about to launch a process aimed at rebuilding and strengthening trust between citizens and public authorities.”

28 February 2018