Dynamic, unpredictable, and incomparable, Hester Diamond was a fearless and visionary collector. Whether through the expressive qualities of the paintings and sculpture in her apartment, the electric colors of her furniture, or in the mesmerizing patterns of the textiles she chose, each piece in her collection personifies Hester’s distinct vision and the freedom that came with being true to herself.

The ability to pursue her passions with such conviction and clarity not only propelled Hester to build an extraordinary career as a venerated art dealer and interior designer, but, in a remarkable feat, to assemble important collections of both Modernist works and Old Master Paintings and Sculpture from the ground up that were of equal quality and breadth. Hester was a prolific and passionate collector and traveled extensively in search of quality. She acquired masterpieces by art historical titans such as Bernini and Dosso Dossi, but also recognized the beauty in the hands of anonymous masters, and the fresh viewpoints of contemporary voices like Barry X Ball and Bill Viola.

The ease in which Hester displayed art and objects across time periods demonstrated the frivolity of artificial barriers imposed among collecting categories, and she proved that they could be broken and lived with comfortably.

29 January 2021