Smart counting system helps customers to keep their distance


“Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures.” These were the words of the CEO of one of Switzerland’s largest event agencies when its turnover completely collapsed on 1 March due to the coronavirus. Richnerstutz Ltd. has developed a solution to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus with its specially developed CountMe® product. A sophisticated system facilitates access controls for shops and stores. An innovative traffic light system automatically measures and controls customer flows without incurring personnel costs.

Governments have imposed drastic reductions to the recommended numbers of customers per floor area to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In practice, affected companies are attempting to do so through controls by door personnel, entry ticket distribution systems or mobile barriers. The result is usually unsatisfactory and cost- intensive. An innovative, easy-to-install traffic light system is now set to implement the mandatory access controls effortlessly and cost-effectively, and measure customer flows. Above all, this will help retailers, restaurants and museums, railway stations, airports and even virus test centres.


Sensor automatically counts customers

CountMe® looks like a welcome sign and is similar like a traffic light in red and green. The pillars stand at the entrance and exit of a store and a sensor registers the customers as they enter and leave the store. The system turns red once the defined number of people in the store has been reached. Otherwise, customers meet a green light and may enter the store. The system is easy to assemble; installation and set-up can be done in a few minutes via an app. The appropriate floor stickers are also available to match the pillars to maintain the required distance.


Innovative, flexible, creative

 “When we had the idea, we immediately started developing it together. We tested the prototype after only a week, as we have the necessary knowledge and expertise, technology and material within the company,” explains André Richner, CEO of Richnerstutz Ltd. “We are really happy to be making a significant contribution to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.


Retailers in Europe are already measuring customer flows

The first CountMe® systems have already been successfully installed at several hundred retailers across Europe. US and several overseas markets are already primed for the roll out. The benefits of CountMe® are obvious: It is the precise solution, efficient and saves money. Retail has already recognised this.

7 May 2020