Real Madrid C.F. and Microsoft today presented the first interactive audioguide for the Bernabeu Tour. It features the latest technological features and includes gamification elements, with the aim of transforming the visit to the club museum and stadium into a one-of-a-kind innovative digital experience. 

This new application, based on Microsoft technology and developed in collaboration with GVAM, tech firm specialised in developing and implementing interactive guides, enables fans to live an immersive digital experience to game while visiting the Bernabeu stadium tour. The tour welcomed over 1,200;000 visitors in 2016, of which over 60% were foreign visitors from countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Mexico and Japan. Visitors to the Bernabeu Tour can discover the history of Real Madrid for themselves, enjoy interesting facts about the team and the players or relive the best moments of the club's history through photographs, historical documents, videos and match commentary of the club’s most important games. The Bernabeu Tour now includes previously unreleased material such as the best goals from recent seasons; player testimonials; photographs that are not featured on the tour but that can be viewed using the guide; infographics on the new stadium project; and other multimedia resources that enrich the experience of fans visiting the museum and stadium.




The application is fully customizable

The interactive guide enables fans a fully customizable experience when they visit the museum and stadium. It offers three different itineraries for visitors to choose from depending on their preferences; language selection (Spanish, English, German, French, Russian and Mandarin Chinese); and accessibility characteristics such as subtitles enabling disabled people to also enjoy the Bernabeu Tour. Furthermore, fans who do not wish to use all of the features of the audioguide may also choose a default setting mode to use it as a traditional audioguide, without multimedia or additional interactive elements. And, of course, we also plan to include virtual and augmented reality features and new gaming content (a gamification model), that will further enrich the Bernabeu Tour and make the visit to the museum and stadium an unforgettable experience.


The launch of the new interactive audioguide for the Bernabeu Tour takes the collaboration between Real Madrid C.F. and Microsoft one step further in their goal of transforming and enriching fans' digital experience, through the most innovative technological solutions integrating the digital platform developed by Microsoft for the club in its role as official technology partner.  

00:00 - 00:39 Sebastián Lancestremère, General Manager of Microsoft Sports


00:40 – 01:32 Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations for Real Madrid C.F.


01:33 – 02:06 Álvaro Morata, Player of Real Madrid C.F.


02:07- 02:25  Carlos Henrique Casemiro, Player of Real Madrid C.F.


02:26 – 03:04 Rubén Yáñez, Player of Real Madrid C.F.


03:05 – 05:18 B-roll of the presentation of the new audioguide for the Bernabéu Tour, launched by Real Madrid C.F. and Microsoft. This new audioguide event was presented by Real Madrid D.F. players, as Álvaro Morata, Carlos Henrique Casemiro and Rubén Yáñez; the former player and Director of Institutional Relations for Real Madrid C.F., Emilio Butragueño, and the General Manager of Microsoft Sports, Sebastián Lancestremère.


05:19 – 06:02 B-roll of people using the new audioguide.


06:03 – 06:22 B-roll of Real Madrid fans in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium football field.


06:23 – 07:00 B-roll of Real Madrid fans in the Bernabéu Tour.

3 April 2017