21 September 2021 Business News



Prior to recommencing unrestricted global operations with its refined Platform 2, Global Telephony Provider Webtel.mobi (“WM”) invited the Levy Economics Institute to review the WM System and WM’s TUV Digital Currency. The purpose of the review was to carry out an independent assessment the capacities of the WM System and TUV Digital Currency, and their potential in respect of the Global Financial System.

The Levy Economics Institute is one of the leading Economic Research Organizations in the world, with its members including Professors of Economics at many of the world’s leading universities, and former or current members of organizations such as the US Federal Reserve System, other Central Banks former Minister of Finance and members of multiple leading international Financial or Economic organizations.

Professor Jan Kregel  - the Director of Research of the Levy Economics Institute – led the Research on the WM System and the TUV Digital Currency. Professor Kregel’s career in the field of Economics spans over 50 years. He has been a Professor or Visiting Professor of Economics at over 20 universities worldwide, and has provided – and provides – advisory services on Economic and Financial matters to various Central banks and Governments internationally.

Professor Kregel is also the former Chief Rapporteur of the Committee of Experts of the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations for Reform of the Global Financial and Economic Systems.

This Abbreviated Video – from an interview in September 2021 – contains selected comments by Professor Kregel, with regard to his conclusions on the capacities of the WM System and its TUV Digital Currency, and their potential effects in respect of the Global Financial System.

21 September 2021