21 September 2021 Business News




Global Telephony Company, Webtel.mobi, (“WM”) is about to recommence unrestricted Global Operations with a Global Digital Currency that it has been confidentially testing and refining since 2009.


WM developed its TUV Digital Currency as a fully functional dual-use product – a Global Top-Up Voucher for Mobile Telephony Services and a fully transferable and convertible multicurrency Digital Currency.


Rather than rush it to market, WM then spent nine years carrying out restricted Global Operations to an intentionally limited market to ensure its TUV complied with all relevant legal, regulatory and security requirements; and a further three years rebuilding its Platform 2 incorporating all required refinements.


Now, with Platform 2 complete, the result is a Global Digital Currency with all the attributes of Cryptocurrencies, and many more that Cryptocurrencies do not have and cannot achieve. Some of the differences include the following:





Functions with Distributed Ledger + Blockchain



Has Private Keys + Encryption



Can Recover Asset if Key is Lost



Has Price and Value Stability



Is 1:1 secured with Funds for a 100% Reserve



Securing Funds in a Regulated Bank Account



Can be Reconverted to Funds on Demand



On-Demand Conversions between Currencies



Is Environmentally Friendly



Is in a Regulated Environment



Can be used for Mainstream Payments



TUVs instantly Created from Mobile Phones



Functions PP2P with no Intermediaries




+/- USD 50 000.00



Prior to recommencing unrestricted Global Operations, WM provided its System and TUV Digital Currency to the Levy Economics Institute – one of the world’s foremost economic Research Organizations – for review.


The Head of Research of the Levy Economics Institute – Professor Jan Kregel – concluded after a year of review that WM’s System and TUV had attributes that Cryptocurrencies did not have and could not achieve. Moreover, it had the capacity to reform aspects of the current Global Financial System.


This could spell the end of the recent clear run for Cryptocurrencies, which under such circumstances lose their reason for existing.


  • Soundbites from Professor Jan Kregel (00:00 - 05:30)


    00:00 - 00:35

    comments on his position and prior experience


    00:36 - 01:22

    comments on the conferences that the Levy Economics Institute holds for Members of the US Federal Reserve System, the European Central Bank, International Central Banks, Government Regulators and High Level Financial Professionals


    01: 22 - 01:35

    comments on his primary field of expertise being the reform of the international financial system


    01:35 - 02:15

    comments that a year and a half ago he encountered the WM system, and was "amazed" by it. Found that it virtually replicated the system the English Economist John Maynard Keynes had previously proposed.


    02:15 - 02:42

    comments that WM's TUV Digital Currency and clearing system are within a Mobile Telephony Company, and states why this is logical


    02:42 - 03:02

    comments that he was drawn to the WM system because it provided the opportunity to introduce John Maynard Keynes's International Clearing System of a global basis, and it had advantages that CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies do not have


    03:02 - 03:13

    comments that it provides international payments and national payments, and therefore provides the basis for setting up an international system


    03:13 - 03:27

    comments that the system can be used from any person with just a Smart Phone or even a Pre-Smart Mobile Phone


    03:27 - 04:30

    comments that the WM System and the TUV have the same stability as having a bank account, greater efficiency, faster speed, lower cost, global application, multicurrency currency exchange, lower exchange rates, and is regulatorily compliant with "Know Your Client" and "Anti Money Laundering" requirements


    04:30 - 04:40

    comments that the WM TUV Digital Currency provides advantages that CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies will not provide and cannot provide


    04:40 - B roll

    summary comments that because the WM System and TUV Digital Currency are regulated, complies with KYC and AML requirements, satisfies regulatory requirements in all countries in which it is available that users and their funds and transactions are fully secured, which is something that no Cryptocurrency or Stablecoin or any other Digital Currency or Payment System can provide. States that the WM System is clearly the best available payments system in the world today.



    B-Roll (05:32 - 07:00)


    05:32 - 05:42

    Blithewood - The main research and conference facility of The Levy Economics Institute. A 19th Century building overlooking the Hudson River at Annadale-on-Hudson.

    05:42 - 05:45

    Professor Jan Kregel enters Blithewood from the outside.


    05:46 - 06:00

    Professor Jan Kregel walks up the stairs to his office inside Blithewood. 


    06:00 - 06:05

    A WM Helicopter with the WM branding on it takes off


    06:06 - 06:14

    An overview of the Landing Page of the WM Platform 2


    06:15 - 06:21

    TUV Digital Currency in four different currencies with four different values


    06:21 - 06:30

    A list of some of the 60 Universities where Levy Economics Institute Researchers Head up Faculties of Economics, and three of the 50 external organizations (Fed / IMF / World Bank) where Levy Economics Institute Researchers are or were in senior positions


    06:30 - 06:35

    Levy Economics Institute Press Release Illustrating that Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Joseph Stiglitz and former Federal Reserve System Governor (now US Secretary of the Treasury) Janet Yellen were appointed as Governors of the Levy Economics Institute


    06:35 - 07:00

    The Abbreviated CV of Professor Jan Kregel

More information on the TUV:



Research Reports by Professor Kregel on WM and the TUV:



WM’s urls

https://webtel.mobi/pc (Tablet / Laptop / Desktop)

https://webtel.mobi (Smart Phone)

https://webtel.mobi/wap (Pre-Smart Mobile Phone)


Professor Kregel’s Background and Biography



21 September 2021