4 June 2021 Business News



NEW DELHI, INDIA - Media OutReach - 4 June 2021 - OctaFX Copytrading is a popular service that allows clients to profit by copying trades from professional traders, also known as Master Traders. The company recently introduced Risk Score—a game-changing feature that enables copiers to choose Master Traders based on the risk of their trading strategy.



OctaFX Copytrading is a top-rated service among the company's clients. There are two great reasons for its popularity. First, you can access the service with just one tap through the OctaFX Copytrading app or the desktop version. Second, you need zero Forex expertise to start making a profit.


Wondering how it works? The clients, known as copiers, choose professional traders, known as Master Traders, to copy their trades. Whenever a Master Trader opens an order, the same order opens in a copier's account automatically. That way, a copier can simply trust a Master Trader's expertise and profit with minimum effort.


However, it is important to choose a Master Trader wisely and invest your funds securely. For this reason, OctaFX offers a Master Rating, where the best traders are placed at the top. Previously, they were evaluated only by their profitability and popularity. Now OctaFX took it to the next level.


OctaFX Copytrading introduced Risk Score—a new feature that shows how risky each Master Trader's strategy is. The score is calculated by a special algorithm and depends on a Master Trader's average profit, number of orders, and how stable their strategy is. The introduction of Risk Score is fundamental because copiers can now choose a Master Trader based not only on their profit but also on their strategy. Master Traders who score 1 or 2 on a 6-point scale apply more stable, long-term oriented, and less risky strategies.


OctaFX hopes that with this new feature, their copy trading clients will be able to choose Master Traders who best suit their preferences.

4 June 2021