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Adventurer Lexie Alford aged 25 from Miami, USA, today set the official record of being the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an electric vehicle 1 - driving the new all-electric Ford Explorer.


Source: Ford Motors

Location: Nice
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NICE, France, March 26 2024 – Adventurer Lexie Alford (@LexieLimitless), aged 25 from Miami, USA, today set the official record of being the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an electric vehicle 1 - driving the new all-electric Ford Explorer.

Crossing the finish line in Nice, France, Lexie led a never-before-seen convoy of iconic Ford vehicles flanked by other current models that are shaping the company’s future direction.

Lexie crossed six continents, drove through 27 countries and covered more than 30,000 kilometres, all on electric power alone.

Battling power outages in Africa, a lack of charging infrastructure in Chile’s Atacama Desert, unmade roads, mountain passes and freezing conditions, the achievement proved just what is possible in an electric vehicle.

Over the course of the journey a variety of charging solutions were used from 2.2 kw AC wall outlets to DC fast chargers and a portable battery pack.

The new all-electric Explorer is the first vehicle to be assembled at the Ford Cologne EV Centre in Germany following a US$2 billion investment and to celebrate the success of the world’s ultimate test drive, it now goes on sale in Europe. 

The vehicle can achieve a driving range of more than 600 km on a single charge 2 and can charge from 10-80 per cent in approximately 26 minutes with DC charging 3

Before undertaking her record-setting trip, Lexie had already broken the world record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country by traveling to 196 countries. To give this achievement some context, more people have been to outer space than have travelled to every country

 - and even fewer have been women.

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The world record is verified by Record Setter who monitored the attempt at various locations around the world. To set the circumnavigation record, Lexie and the Explorer had a minimum requirement of driving 28,968 km, passing through two antipodean points and travelling on at least five continents. The journey also had to start and end at the same location.

Based on full charge of Explorer RWD extended range. Estimated range using Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Figures shown are for comparability purposes and should only be compared with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. Actual range varies due to factors such as temperature, driving behaviour, route profile, vehicle maintenance, lithium-ion battery age and condition.

Charge time based on manufacturer computer engineering simulations. The charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity. Your results may vary based on peak charging times and battery state of charge.


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27 March 2024