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Minnesota native and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has teamed up with Visa to try out a new sport: curling. The football star and honorary Team Visa athlete took to the curling sheet in the hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming an Olympian. As a first step, Fitzgerald visited the Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minnesota, learning tips and tricks from some of the state’s best curlers.

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey supported Larry at the club, surprising fans and treating them to free food with his contactless card. 

1. Exteriors, Four Seasons Curling Club & Sticks & Stones, Blaine, Minn. 

2. Curlers in action

3. Larry Fitzgerald attempts to curl

4. Local Jr. Hockey team gets a big surprise from Christian McCaffrey

5. Soundbite (English) Christian McCaffrey, NFL Running Back, Carolina Panthers

“I'm happy to be here Minneapolis with Visa and you know, got to introduce the new point of sale making sure they got the best products.”

6. Christian McCaffrey takes food orders with mobile point of sale unit

NAT SOUND (English) Christian McCaffrey: “Barbecue Chicken Sandwich? Perfect.  $7.49. We’ll put that right there.  [team reacts] Perfect. Perfect. “

7. Soundbite (English) Christian McCaffrey, NFL Running Back, Carolina Panthers

“I know Larry is going to bring it.  He’s a competitor.  I’m going to have to bring it too.”

8. Christian brings Larry some water.

NAT Sound (English) Christian McCaffrey “That’s $2.50!”.

1 February 2018