The Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain collection releases on September 14. The club will debut its Jordan Brand kit on September 18 during European competition.


In the last few years, Jordan Brand has been a growing presence in Paris. A Jordan-only store — Jordan Bastille — opened in 2016, and in 2017 the brand announced a partnership with the French Basketball Federation. These examples buttress a long-standing, organic relationship between brand and city, which began with Michael Jordan’s first visit in 1985. That connection has been retained through the decades, highlighted by continued support of the Quai 54 World Streetball Championship.

All of which make today’s announcement — Jordan Brand will have its first collection with a football club, Paris Saint-Germain — feel entirely appropriate. 

“Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain share a distinct position in sport and style, so to partner with the club is a natural fit,” says Michael Jordan. 

Jordan’s thoughts are echoed by PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi who notes, “The partnership between Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan Brand reflects the ambition of both brands to combine style, performance and innovation. We share many values with Jordan Brand, which is known worldwide for its sporting heritage and exciting contemporary designs. We believe it is a partnership which will excite our fans, help us to reach new audiences and enhance our global reach.”

Parisians also carry a unique affection for the brand. “In the United States, if you hear Jordan you probably think it’s a basketball or hip-hop event. No, in Paris right away ‘it’s Jordan’ — it’s not just for basketball players or the hip-hop community,” says Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois, one half of the acclaimed dance group, Les Twins, along with twin brother Larry Nicolas. “We are one of the biggest fans of Jordan in the world. We are super fans.”

Fittingly, the Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain collection delivers holistic performance and lifestyle offerings, including two special edition match kits, footwear and apparel. The kits are built on a Nike Vaporknit Match chassis and feature clean black and white colorways with red accents that will be used as the club’s third and fourth kits. The goalkeeper kit comes in bold Infrared, a nod to one of Jordan Brand’s heritage colors. “We’re excited to unite these two passionate communities by putting the Jumpman on the chest of Paris Saint-Germain to continue fueling the energy for sport and style globally,” says Jordan.

The footwear and apparel collection channels the predominately black-and-white look of the kits, but also adds a strategic use of red, another Jordan Brand heritage color and prominent color on Paris Saint-Germain kits. Additionally, each product features a unique remix of the two iconic logos, placing the Jumpman in the Paris Saint-Germain crest. 

This mix of energy gives the product a transcendent flourish; from a fan perspective that excitement is already palpable. "Jordan is adding that special touch to PSG," says Larry Nicolas. His twin brother defines that magic more directly: "It’s the swag,” says Laurent Nicolas. “Jordan belongs with PSG.”

The Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain collection releases on September 14. The club will debut its Jordan Brand kit on September 18 during European competition. 


  • As a player it is easy. He is a living legend who left his mark on his sport. There is no much to say, everyone can only agree with that.  
  • The brand is more of my time.  All the sneakers, the product, the clothing. Those are things which resonate with me and with which I identify for long time. It’s a pleasure. 
  • If I had three words to describe Jordan: Legendary, Elegance and Businessman.
  • On Tuesday we’re going to play our first game in Jordan jersey. I think we have to keep our spirit, which is to always improve. We have a difficult group, but it is what it is. If we want to progress in the competition we’ll have to go through this, give everything and get through the group.  
  • It is going to be an honor to represent Jordan in Europe and in the world, it is a responsibility to assume on the pitch.
  • 00:04 - When we talk about Jordan we use bolder words. Not only because everything he did for basketball but mainly because of the legacy that he left behind for people.
  • 00:20 - The message he brings of never giving up and going after what you want is super real to me and reinforces my beliefs. When you hear this coming from somebody as great as Jordan, these are words for you to take it, embrace it and apply it in your life and also to help you to leave a legacy for other people around you.
  • 00:51 - There are a lot of dreamers out there thinking about giving up because of lack of motivation and inspiration to fight for their dreams. So, I believe what Jordan left behind for us and for his sport is the same kind of legacy I want to bring for other dreamers.
  • 01:20 - When you are afraid of failure you don’t say out loud what you really want and what I want is to win a Champions League with PSG, to take this club to higher standards as one of the best in the world. PSG is already there when it comes to structure but we are missing this title on pitch.
  • 01:50 - I believe this partnership with such a champion-mindset brand is as if life is sending us a message, that this is the moment we need to jump to the next level, and in this case, there is no better reference than Jordan. So, I truly believe we should chase our biggest dream and use his strength as an inspiration to get there. We cannot hide our efforts and wishes to put PSG in the history of football once for all
13 September 2018