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Qatar hosts the fourth International Schools Arabic Debate championship in Doha, with record levels of entry.  

QatarDebate is pleased to announce its 4th International Schools Arabic Debating Championship in Doha, Qatar which will be conducted from 7th – 11th April 2018.


The International Schools Arabic Debating Championships (ISADCs), through their association with QatarDebate (QD) – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) – have established a global reputation in developing and promoting the skill of debate and dialogue in Arabic. The ISADC is a major drive for intellectual creativity as it encourages students to, research, study, cultivate their leadership qualities and language skills and practice critical thinking. It also promotes the Arabic language as debaters from different Arab and non-Arab countries use it to debate.

The purpose of this event is to bring together young Arabic and non-Arabic speaking debaters from Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The forum is a rich gathering that can be distinguished from other academic activities as it features a fusion of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and ideologies. Global debate gatherings are unique in terms of allowing people from different parts of the world with their diverse backgrounds to understand another’s point of view. Debaters question their pre-conceived notions and stereotypes and this inculcates tolerance and better understanding of the how they see the world.


ISADC show us how important it is to promote constructive dialogue between two opposing sides, each passionately defending its own view using various evidence and arguments, in a competitive environment where students thrive and succeed. It also creates a sense of unity between the many nations represented by the delegates, ultimately promoting co-existence between individuals, sects and countries to achieve sublime goals despite their differences; this is a true reflection of QatarDebate’ s vision.

ISADC has become a major cultural event, ranking highly among other International events hosted by Qatar due to its huge success and popularity within the nation. Qatar Debate is honored to invite you to participate in this year’s ISADC and support achieve our common goals of empowering youth and developing creative minds to master the fine art of debating.

Interviewees in order of appearance:


1- Michal Ali ( Debater , Russian Team )

2- Minwer Abbas ( Coach , Australian Team )

3- Yousif Ayman ( Debater , Australian Team)

4- Abdulrahman AlSubaie ( Head of Outreach Programs - QatarDebate )

7 April 2018