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The Grinch and TikTok Star Carter Kench Joined the Beloved Creamer Brand to Create a Pop-Up Coffee Experience at the Largest Mall in the Country


BROOMFIELD, Colo., Dec. 9, 2022 – International Delight, one of the country’s leading coffee creamer brands, knows the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. A recent survey found that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that malls and shopping centers are the season’s “grinchiest” destinations due to the crowds (60%), the long lines (53%) and all the noise, Noise, NOISE! (52%!). That’s why, on Thursday, December 8, the brand teamed up with iconic Dr. Seuss character the Grinch, and hilarious, holiday-loving TikTok phenom Carter Kench, at the Mall of America where the brand surprised shoppers with more than 2,000 complimentary cups of hot coffee made more joyful and delicious with International Delight’s cherished seasonal creamer offering: Grinch Peppermint Mocha. Consumers were uplifted thanks to the cheerfully chocolatey, magically minty surprise. 

“We strive to create delightful moments at the start of your day, and knowing the stress holiday shopping can create, we wanted to spark joy with a simple cup of coffee enhanced with our beloved Peppermint Mocha creamer,” said Kallie Goodwin, Vice President of Marketing for International Delight. “This year, we wanted to do something extra special by bringing the Grinch limited-edition creamer to life – and all the cheer it evokes – at one of the largest and busiest malls in the country.” 

International Delight has become synonymous with flavor innovations and inspired mashups, and the brand continues to live up to its reputation with its limited-edition trio of Grinch-themed creamers. In partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, these creamers offer an incredible flavor boost for coffee-loving holiday shoppers, helping them get through the last-minute gift-buying, pushy throngs and overstuffed department stores. The delicious line of creamers includes the newly reformulated Peppermint Mocha, Frosted Sugar Cookie and NEW Gingerbread Cookie Dough.

Whether you live high on a mountaintop above Who-ville or near the largest mall in America, be sure to get your hands on International Delight’s Grinch-inspired line of creamers, which are available through the end of the year. The coffee creamers are available in 32 oz. bottles with an SRP of $3.99 at major retailers nationwide. 

International Delight is committed to bringing delight to coffee and creamer fans across the nation through the ongoing release of these one-of-a-kind collaborations. Check out the International Delight website or follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter to stay in the know on all the latest flavorful news.


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Since 1987, International Delight® has been transforming cups of coffee into moments that foster joy, self-expression and togetherness through one-of-a-kind, bold creamer flavors. The brand, which introduced the first flavored, liquid, non-dairy creamer on the market, is on a mission to bring Creamer Nation flavors that deliver unparalleled delight in every drop and turn the room they leave for creamer into room to party. By uniting people with flavors that spark joy, International Delight brings people together over a cup of coffee, creating opportunities for connection, inclusion and celebration. International Delight coffee creamers and iced coffees are available at grocery, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and food service outlets across the country. For more information, visit InternationalDelight.com.

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Bloomington, MN, 09 December 2022


1. Establishing Mall of America B-Roll with International Delight Signage

2. New Grinch Peppermint Mocha Creamer on table

3. Shoppers walking over to table to taste new creamer



We are at the Mall of America today with International delight and the Grinch. We are giving away free coffee with our peppermint mocha creamer from International Delight. And we have gift cards for some of our guests with a mystery amount.


4. Grinch waving and taking photos with shoppers as coffee is being handed out

5. Grinch posing with TikTok Influencer Carter Kench


SOUNDBITE (English) Tik Tok Influencer Carter Kench:

We're here at the Mall of America in Minnesota with the Grinch and Internationals away to celebrate the new Coffee Creamers.


6. Tik Tok Influencer Carter Kench handing out coffee to shoppers

7. Grinch high fiving kids

8. Gift cards and vouchers being handed out to shoppers

9. Shoppers tasting and reacting to new Grinch Peppermint Mocha Creamer


SOUNDBITE (English) Shopper 1:

The chocolate, the candy cane. Yeah. It's like Christmas. Oh, yeah.


SOUNDBITE (English) Shopper 2:

It is delicious. Delicious. Oh, so yummy. The chocolate and the peppermint and the coffee. I'm going to get some for my Christmas holiday.


SOUNDBITE (English) Shopper 3:

Grinch is my Christmas hero. I love the Grinch. I have Grinch T-shirts, whatever. I just happen to see him down here. And I love coffee. So the coffee was what enticed and got me to come down here. International delights. This is absolutely wonderful. I love mocha. One of my favorite flavors.



10. Shopper grabbing coffee with new Grinch Peppermint Mocha Creamer


SOUNDBITE (English) Shopper 4:

She loves the Grich, so she's eyed him over here. And I thought, okay, we better go check it out. So and then coffee and how what more could you ask for? So, and now a free gift card. Even better, the prizes keep coming. So thank you.


11. Shoppers mingling and tasting new Grinch Peppermint Mocha creamer

12. Grinch and Tik Tok Influencer posing for photos with kids & families

13. Grinch and Tik Tok Influencer Carter Kench wave goodbye


9 December 2022