16 December 2019 Entertainment News


Since the opening up of Riyadh’s entertainment industry, there hasn’t been anything quite like the MDL BEAST Festival


Since the opening up of Riyadh’s entertainment industry, there hasn’t been anything quite like the MDL BEAST Festival. There is no doubt that this festival is set to continue a wave of revolutionary cultural shifts in Saudi Arabia as we know it. 

The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene in Saudi Arabia may not always be first of mind when listing some of the most popular dance capitals of the world, but bubbling under the surface is Riyadh’s best kept secret - a world filled with great music, talented DJ’s,  creative and innovative producers and a thriving musical community that is about to take centre stage.

It’s not just the music scene that is seeing significant changes in Saudi Arabia, there have been notable international sporting events successfully hosted in the Kingdom, and for the first time, the country is opening itself up to tourism and diverse cultural influences from all over the world.

Along with Saudi’s first female DJ - Cosmicat, there will be a host of local DJs and artists playing at the festival, including producer Dalal, DJ DesertFish, DJs & producers K.Led & Majid, DJ & producer Vinyl Mode, DJ Baloo and many more!

“Things are changing really fast, for the better. Now that it’s really happening…It’s going to be quite the event to be part of” comments DJ Cosmicat.

These DJs discuss the significant changes they have witness first hand; not just in Saudi as a whole, but within the music community. This is an exciting time for Saudi’s music industry, they have all seen an increase in popular club nights, packed shows, sold out gigs and concerts. All of this has no doubt been leading up to MDL BEAST on December 19-21 2019 in Riyadh.

“MDL BEAST will create the standard for the Middle East. If you’re working, you’re a part of history. If you’re performing you’re a part of history. If you’re just in the crowd enjoying the music. You’re also a part of history.”  explains DJs and producers DISH DASH.

These local DJs will have the opportunity to perform alongside some of the global EDM scene’s best-known artists for the first time. The likes of David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Tiësto, Camelphat, Black Coffee, R3hab and many more, are all about to descend on one of the biggest global entertainment events to wrap up 2019.

“I cannot explain or put into words how overwhelming and exciting this experience is going to be.” says DJs and producers K.Led & Majid.

Though music is a vital part of the festival, it is not the only thing that will set MDL BEAST apart from other festivals of its kind. As well as music, the MDL BEAST from the east, will feature various iterations of the arts - from performance to visual, and there will be a focus on culinary craft and many more cultural treasures that make up Saudi’s rich heritage.

The first of its kind in Saudi Arabia; MDL BEAST is a three-day festival taking place (in a purpose built venue), on the 19-21 December 2019.


1. Soundbite - Abdullah Alajaji

2. Soundbite - Hanan

3. Soundbite - Nebras Al Hamoud

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6. Soundbite - Baloo - DJ & Producer

7. Soundbite - Vinyl Mode - DJ & Producer 

8. Soundbite - Cosmiccat - DJ 

9. Soundbite - Dish Dash - DJs 

10. Soundbite - Dalal - Producer 

11. Soundbite - RDJ - DJ & Producer 

12. Soundbite - K.Led & Majid - DJs & Producers 

13. Soundbite - DesertFish - DJ & Producer 

14. Various GVs DJs 

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16 December 2019