13 November 2019 Charity/Non-Profit News




GENEVA, November 13th  - Faith groups are weighing in on issues of gender justice at the International Conference on Population and Development, ICPD, happening now in Nairobi.


The ACT Alliance, Action by Churches Together, has released the first in a series of short documentary films on Gender Justice and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights that will lay out the progressive vision of many faith groups, in support of gender justice, women’s rights, protection of LGBTQI people, the right to contraception, prevention of HIV and the prevention of Gender-Based Violence.


This film, released today, focuses on Gender-Based Violence and Transformative Masculinities through a programme implemented by ACT member LWR|IMA World Health.  It shows how lives are transformed through the DREAMS program, and the role that faith actors play as leaders and mentors in the program in the slums of Nairobi.  It was produced with support from UNFPA.


The ICPD conference has been a battleground between progressive and hardline conservative views on issues of sexuality, and faith-based group ACT Alliance will be making a presentation in favor of a rights-based approach during the event.


General Secretary of the ACT Alliance, Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, said that ‘We are at the Nairobi summit to advocate for the rights of all people, and in particular for women and the LGBTQI community whose rights are still a long way from being respected. Our position is in conflict with the conservative agenda which aims to curtail rights and freedoms, equality and gender justice, but our work is based on firm religious beliefs and values that build human well-being and respect, they don’t undermine them’.



The film, and a package of footage, audio and stills, is available to broadcasters and publishers through Associated Press. http://apmultimedianewsroom.com/multimedia-newsroom/partners/act-alliance



The ACT Alliance is a global coalition of more than 150 churches and faith-based organizations working on humanitarian response, development and advocacy in over 125 countries.


13 November 2019