9 December 2021 Entertainment News


New single TRICKY on 10th December


Resplendent in his birthday suit – as nature intended and as his public has come to expect - Crazy Frog returns with a typically anarchic balls-out banger ‘Tricky’, released December 10th on Mach 1/Sony Music. 

Beloved of millennials recalling a moment in history when ringtones ruled and downloads dominated, recent rumours of Crazy Frog’s return prompted billions of views and comments across YouTube, ‘Where are you?’, ‘Please come back’, ‘Make more videos!’.  Coupled with a new found fandom amid the TikTok generation, Crazy Frog returns with a wave of affection and nostalgia powering a new series of zeitgeist disrupting adventures.

First up, he puts a rocket under RUN DMC’s classic single ‘Tricky’, launching it beyond the dreams of the richest privateer space traveller.  The video, directed by Sigfrid Söderberg and Andreas Wicklund , hurls our amphibian friend over the gates of a ‘super rich space travel project’, an amphibian hand grenade tossed into the launch zone of the Bezos-Musk ego trip, an anarchic viral bombshell amid a billionaire’s playground.

Crazy Frog spawned from the creative hive mind of an early noughties industry on the threshold of a bold but destructive digital revolution. A.I., streaming, blockchains and crypto all sat tantalisingly out of reach in an ill-defined digital future, when Wolfgang Boss (now EVP A&R for Sony Music) together with production team VooDoo Music and animator Erik Wernquist from Kaktus Films, created the most unlikely of pop superstars.

Back in 2005, ‘The Frog’ took down the established industry old guard with a combination of high-definition animation and less well defined creative provenance.  Five top 20 hits later, number 1 in over 30 countries, the biggest selling single of 2005, with over a million albums sold and in excess of 6 BILLION YouTube views Crazy Frog remains a cultural phenomenon.  The original viral superstar, Crazy Frog rose to prominence by dominating the short-lived ringtone format but remains ubiquitous thanks to Tik Tok and YouTube presence chalking up over 1million YouTube plays every day.

In early 2021 Crazy Frog was plucked from his decade long wellness retreat – aka collective millennial amnesia – and was reborn in the arms of a new generation of TikTok influences. Last spring a raft of TikTokers with millions of followers, including Kimberly Loaiza (55.2m) and Karla Bustillos (20m), performed choreographed dances to the track, the Frog was back.

Refreshed and rejuvenated from his mid-career sabbatical on the lily-pads, The Frog now resides within Crazy Frog Entertainment, a subsidiary of Söderberg’s Kaktus Film and the original producer team Reinhard Raith, Henning Reith and Wolfgang Boss. Under their creative guidance a new album is in-bound for 2022, along with regular singles, videos, a live performance and even a TV series. 

Crazy Frog is even set to disrupt the nascent NFT market place with their own Non-Fungible Token release on December 23rd through METABEATSwww.metabeats.io


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9 December 2021