12 March 2024 Business News


On the afternoon of 8th March, local time, " "Bonjour! Chine Soleil Hainan" international image exhibition and Hainan Tourism and Cultural Promotion Event took place in Paris, France.


On the afternoon of 8th March, local time, " "Bonjour! Chine Soleil Hainan" international image exhibition and Hainan Tourism and Cultural Promotion Event took place in Paris, France. Through a combination of picture and physical exhibitions, as well as videos of Hainan tourism and cultural highlights, it comprehensively showcased the essence of Hainan's tourism and culture, as well as its innovative products, new business formats, and new images to the French public.

The event featured various exhibition areas, including Sunny Island, Rainforest Elves, Recreation and Health Sanctuaries, Shopping Paradises, and Hainan Culture. In addition to captivating photo exhibitions, over 200 exhibits showcasing Hainan's unique intangible cultural heritage, such as Li costumes, Li brocade, coconut carving, and shell carving, were also presented.

Wang Zhongyun, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism and Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province, highlighted Hainan's significance as the world's largest free trade port, China's only international tourism consumption center, China's its largest special economic zone and an international tourism island. He emphasized Hainan's role as a strategic hub of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and a beautiful, romantic international tourism and holiday destination.

Hainan's abundant tourism resources, including its unique tropical island landscapes, vibrant Li and Miao ethnic cultures, and rich historical heritage, contribute to its charm. In 2023, Hainan welcomed over 90 million domestic and international tourists, marking a significant 49.9% increase from the previous year. During the 2024 Spring Festival holiday alone, the province received 9.5145 million tourists, achieving a total tourism revenue of RMB15.127 billion, both creating new records.

Recently, efforts to promote foreign tourism to Hainan continue, with a focus on creating special tourism products tailored to international visitors. It was emphasized that Hainan has opened 47 overseas routes, 13 marinas, and over 2,300 yacht berths. In 2024, Hainan plans to expand overseas flight routes to 66, and aims at making concrete achievement in applying for passenger routes of the Seventh Freedom of the Air in the first half of this year. Additionally, the newly launched Hainan Coastal Scenic Highway spans 988 kilometers, offering access to 12 coastal cities and counties, 31 national A-level tourist attractions, 21 coastal tourist resorts, 7 marine sports bases, and 11 five-coconut-level beautiful villages, satisfying various tourism purposes such as coastal vacations, sports, medical and health care, research and study.

During the event, Wang's introduction of Hainan's visa-free policy for inbound tourism attracted significant interest among guests. Announced by China’s National Immigration Administration, effective 9 February, 2024, nationals from 59 countries, including France, Russia, Britain, and Germany, are eligible for visa-free entry to Hainan for up to 30 days, for purposes such as trade, visiting relatives, medical care, exhibitions, and sports competitions (exclusive of work and study).

Furthermore, Hainan recently launched a public test of the "Hainan Assured Payment" platform to facilitate payment for foreigners visiting China. This initiative aims to enhance the convenience of payment for foreigners in China. By then, overseas visitors to China will be able to make payments with their bank cards without downloading any software.


Remy Aron, a French artist with extensive experience in China, were invited to the event. He believed that in 2024, the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations of France and China, the two countries can join hands to make greater contributions to building a 21st century civilization. He believes that Hainan Free Trade Port, with its unique advantages, has the potential to develop into a world-class tourist destination where art converges, and become an emerging cultural center of the world.


12 March 2024