LA Welcomes the Silver Spitfire as it Continues its Record-Breaking World Trip





Nearly a month after it’s take-off, two intrepid aviators continue their four-month expedition attempt to fly a newly restored original Spitfire around the globe. The carefully restored Spitfire boasts a unique silver-chrome finish. The aircraft, built in 1943, will cover more than 43,000 kilometres over several months, visiting some 30 countries on its way.


The ambitious goal of The Longest Flight is a challenging trip that has never before been attempted in history and will push boundaries of what is possible in this iconic single-engine aircraft where pilots Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones hope to climb “a pilot’s Everest”.


After its takeoff from Goodwood UK on August 5, the pilots made their way to Greenland with pit stops in Scotland and Iceland. They landed on the western coast of Greenland and encountered all kinds of issues, including weather problems and a tire blowout.


On Day 8 of the expedition, taking in the spectacular views of the Greenland glacier and ice cap they pushed on to the next chapter – Week 2 - flying through Canada, enjoying the lakes, they reached New York, USA on August 23. After a beautiful fly past the Statue of Liberty and the NY skyline, the pilots are now reaching Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 28. Their last stop on the USA leg after which, they are off to Asia, the Middle East and then finally, Europe and back to the UK. They will cover 27,000 miles / 43,000 kilometers and visit 30 countries.


The team will face a daunting task flying the Silver Spitfire through arctic, tropical and desert landscapes, requiring regular refueling in remote areas unused to civilian aircraft combined with the physical endurance required by two pilots on this circumnavigation.


28 August 2019