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Milan, Italy - A charming, elegant, sporty car. An expression of "Italian luxury," refined, minimalist, rooted in the great tradition of Made in Italy design. A sedan with sinuous lines, without edges, "forged" by the air. A "symphony" of technological innovation, great performance, Italian-ness and beauty. It is the new AEHRA-branded Sedan - the Italian automaker - which was revealed in a world premiere at MIMO, at the Monza racetrack, in front of 60 thousand people that will be in production from 2025.

"The Sedan, just like the SUV, unveiled eight months ago, is pure innovation," says Hazim Nada, Co-founder and President of AEHRA. "We had the audacity and courage to break every limit, taking advantage of the most advanced technologies that the global automotive and aviation industries make available. The new sedan continues AEHRA's strategic mission: to bring to the road the best expression of Italian design ever seen in the EV world."

The car looks like an unbroken line where edges are almost absent, strong with a play of light and shadow that sculpts its appearance. An interplay of light and shadow that sculpts its appearance. A very fluid line, almost like that of an airplane to the point that it seems to glide through the air effortlessly with great efficiency, even when stationary. Distinctive elements include the double-hawk aperture and 7-spoke wheels for the sedan that recall the image of a turbine, with a carbon application that promotes clean flow to ensure greater aerodynamics. 

"To design the car we drew heavily from the artistic tradition of our peninsula. No ostentation but only the sense of refined luxury expression of harmonic beauty”. Thoughts and words of Filippo Perini Chief Design Officer of AEHRA with a long past in iconic car manufacturers such as Lamborghini.

3 July 2023