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  • The company has become one of Spain’s leading residential developers in terms of new-build home deliveries with the handover of keys to 1,963 homes during FY 2020-21, in this way achieving its Business Plan.
  • The developer leads the ranking of deliveries ahead of other major players in the Spanish real estate sector, who have recently published their official delivery figures in their 2020 financial results, as reported by Spanish news agency Europa Press.
  • David Martínez, CEO of AEDAS Homes: "Despite the particularly difficult context of the last twelve months, we have once again made good on our commitments to customers and shareholders, and demonstrated the capacity, credibility and solvency of our organization."


  • "Achieving this delivery target is excellent news for both AEDAS Homes and the real estate sector as a whole, which is proving to be a driving force of Spain’s economy."

April 2021.- AEDAS Homes has met its delivery target for the fiscal year that ended on 31 March. With the delivery of 1,963 homes, the company has achieved its Business Plan and cemented its benchmark status in terms of deliveries in the Spanish residential sector.

The company—barely five years old— is reporting its best numbers ever and has demonstrated once again its capacity for management and sustainable growth.


The nearly 2,000 homes that the company delivered in 2020-21 are located in Spain’s most dynamic residential markets and stand out for their modern, high-quality design and sustainability credentials. 

Part of this current success comes thanks to the company’s decision in 2018 to become the first homebuilder in Spain to promote large-scale offsite construction. Three years later, the company is leading the sector in the use of the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), with 24 projects and 1,500 homes precision-built partially or fully in factories.

Furthermore, in 2019 it was also the first company to sign an agreement to develop turnkey Build to Rent projects in Spain. Today it has 9 BTR projects with a total of over 1,100 units and has already delivered its first turnkey development.

Excellent effort by the AEDAS Homes team

"Achieving this delivery target is excellent news for both AEDAS Homes and the real estate sector as a whole, which is proving itself to be a driving force in Spain’s economy at such a difficult time due to the health crisis", commented David Martínez, CEO of AEDAS Homes, who also highlighted the enormous effort put forth by the company’s team of professionals over the last year to achieve the ambitious targets set out in the Business Plan.

Mr. Martinez emphasized that AEDAS Homes met its delivery target with solvency and during a particularly complex, exceptional context brought on by the pandemic that paralyzed the country for several months and also despite the biggest snowstorm in memory in Spain, which brought Madrid and other cities to a standstill for several days in early 2021.

The developer has a fully-permitted landbank to build more than 15,500 homes located in Spain’s key economic centres and most dynamic residential markets: Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, the Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, etc.


About AEDAS Homes

Spanish residential developer AEDAS Homes went public on 20 October 2017, with a market capitalisation of over €1.5 billion. The company is one of Spain’s leading homebuilders and plays a key role in the new cycle of the Spanish real estate sector, a cycle which has been defined by professionalism and adherence to rigorous standards.


To date, AEDAS Homes has put nearly 9,000 units on the market in Spain and has a fully-permitted landbank of 1.9 million sqm—the highest quality landbank in Spain, according to market analysts—to build 15,500 homes in the nation’s key real estate markets and economic centres, and their surrounding areas: the Centre (Madrid), Catalonia, the East & Balearic Islands, Andalucía and Costa del Sol.



For more information: https://www.aedashomes.com/en
AEDAS Homes corporate video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkyf0TgNmyY

8 April 2021