The 2022 Clio Awards were hosted in Los Angeles CA.


Atmospheric Shots

●      Cocktail/Bar room set up

●      Dinner room set up– centerpieces, stage, theater wide shots, décor, full room shots

●      Passed hors d’oeuvres

●      Trophy Bar – display, winners receiving trophies, step-and-repeat with winners and guests

●      Step and Repeat w/o people in front

●      Wide shots of guests enjoying pre and post-ceremony network reception

●      Sponsor branding

●      Views of skyline through windows with Clio branding in background (if possible without flash)


People Shots/Branding

●      Host/presenters/VIPs on Step and Repeat (One person assigned to step-and-repeat entire cocktail time) *For Sports this will be very brief as there are 2-3 VIPs+ Clio CEO

●      Guests arrival/guests mingling during cocktail hour - candids and posed photos

●      Guests seated for ceremony

o   Wide full shot of stage and theater with people seated (Clio branding in the background)

o   Shots with the house lights up and guests seated

o   Candid shots of guests watching the show – try to get Clio branding  in the background

●      Host on stage w/ Clio branding in the background

o   From back/side-Full shot with stage and audience

o   Close up shots

13 December 2022