Highlights of Christmasland will include the first-ever giant ball-like LED art installation, The Fascinating Planet, and the first-ever exhibition of The Pool, an interactive art installation from New York


“Christmasland in New Taipei City”, the most well-known winter festival in Taiwan, will kick off on Friday, November 16 this year with the overall theme of space and planets, and will be entertaining the public until January 1st, 2019. It will light up the city and amaze the world for 47 days!

Not only spectacular programs each week, but also must-see attractions: the four light zones and four overpasses decorated with rose gold, pink, blue, and silver white lights. This year, the light zones are extended to the busy and bustling Fuzhong Shopping Area to bring you an unprecedented, dreamlike, and elegant lighting area!

Christmasland’s trademark “projecting mapping”- the largest in Taiwan for total projected area - brings yet another twist and innovation this year by attempting to install 900 tubes of RGB pixel-controlled LED at the cloister on the second floor of city government building for the first time ever. Using the latest generation of a pixel-controlled lighting system provided by Germany’s Madrix, the LED tubes are tightly connected to either side of the Citizen’s Square to create a gigantic circular screen that runs from the city government building to the Christmas tree. Enjoy a feast of lights and witness the art of light and shadow when the 3D light projection and LED light show streaming along the cloister run simultaneously.

Following the tech and art combination trend this year, the lighting area at Banqiao Station’s front plaza brings you the first-ever giant LED ball-like art installation in Taiwan, called The Fascinating Planet, another work made with Germany’s state-of-the-art pixel-controlled lighting system. Check out its fascinating, colorful light show that starts every half an hour from Saturday, Nov. 17, and don’t forget to take some pictures at this top attraction. This year, Christmasland is also joining forces with Jen Lewin, a famous interactive media artist from New York to bring you her work, The Pool, an interactive art installation, which is coming to Taiwan for the first time, after being exhibited at Vivid Sydney, Burning Man, Istanbul Light Festival, and Signal Festival in Prague etc..

The highlight of the lighting area at New Banqiao Central Park is the first free outdoor performance in Taiwan by Robocar POLI and his rescue team, kids’ favorite Korean animation star.

Come and enjoy 47 days of fun at the Christmasland festival, where you have the chance to see the most beautiful Christmas light decorations, as well as shop and take pictures at the Planet Container Market. This event only comes once a year, so don’t miss out!

19 November 2018