9 June 2017 News


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Zoriyana and Catherine are 20 years old twin sisters who volunteer in the Ukrainian army. The war took them from civilian life. They help everyone who turns to them.

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Two girls walking along the Museum with exhibition, dedicated to war, and answering questions.

Source: 24 channel

“This production was supported by OPEN Media Hub with funds provided by the European Union.”

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00:03 - My name is Zoriyana, I'm 20 years old, I am a military volunteer.
00:12 – I'm Catherine, I'm 20 years old, I am a military volunteer. The war took us from civilian life. We help everyone who turns to us. We arrived to the camp of the Highly Mobile Airborne Troops in March 2016 there was still snow on the ground.
The troops before our arrival took a shower inside the tents. It was very cold. And we got to test the new barracks.
00:41 – They call it “MadUkr” – from the English “Mad Ukrainians”. All the soldiers stood near the jeep, and worked for a long time! Generally we had up to 300 fighters per day who took showers. Me and my Sister are very creative, we really want to develop our creativity. We painted inside the MadUkr so that it would be brighter.
01:14 - We have painted Stepan Bandera - our national Ukrainian guide, and Taras Shevchenko - our prophet. He is a prophet in Ukraine. Do you know?
- Yes, and he wrote such beautiful poetry!
01:27 - He has predicted a lot of that had happened. We painted the portraits of two of our fellow soldiers, our friends, who unfortunately have died. We have displayed their portraits. On January 5th, at 17:00 or at 19:00, I do not remember, we received a call to inform us that they have died. Three bodies were quietly brought in one apartment. Many people came to the apartment that night. And we all said “goodbye” to them. Then of course we buried them and said our final farewell. It was very hard. Especially when a mother loses her only son. It's a very big pain for her, and she wishes to follow him to the grave soon because she lost her reason to live. She lived for him…
- The jeep is now parked because the command does not provide any means for it to work in the evening at the camp. I am convinced, and talk from personal experience, that ordinary people, citizens and volunteers, who want to do something good for the army, who have good ideas, can fulfil them.

9 June 2017