11 October 2017



Stopping the flee of Christian Iraqis from Lebanon abroad.

VO: Christian Iraqi refugees who fled ISIS speak their demands in front of the UNHCR in Lebanon accusing their church of campaigning against their chances of Visas obtention

Interview: Miled Jawhar- protestor: Religious interventions are taking place by our clerics, us Iraqis, they are spreading the word that Iraq now is heaven, selling dreams saying come back, they are facilitating everything under the title “voluntary” unfortunately, under the big title “voluntary” they are narrowing our chances, we the people of refugees 4 or 5 years now. We do not feel that the country is our country anymore! Iraq, originally the country of Christians, is not our country anymore!

VO: Facing constant refusal of Visas, the families are asking for help, refusing to go backto a country they were forced to leave.

Interview Miled- refugee How am I to be back? people ran away from a genocide to a genocide. If you mean well, bring
back your families from abroad and make them live in the areas where you want to bring us

VO the church is accused of putting pressureon embassies especially the united states’ not to grant visas to parishioners with the excuse of refusal of an Iraq without Christians; but does not reply to the accusations

Itw Michel Kassarji: We tell them it is your life your choice, you choose where you want to go, Voluntary return, said our lord Sako, he who wants to go back to Iraq, we are willing to help him. But not the church or any priest can do
this A new way to Golgotha is lived by Iraqi Christians in Lebanon. It has been five years since Laith and his family are looking for a new country that provides stability and security

Itw Laith When you see a father, in this case the country, who opens the door and kicks his children out, how would the children be back? They all saw and felt what happened, they saw the suffering, why be negligent now; come back? Before returning, has anything been provided? Has the dignity been re-established? We do not want bread! No body dies of hunger

VO: Uncertain is the future and hopes remain directed towards the USA, Iraqis favourite destination which welcomed them for
generations, despite president Trump’s declaration of the country’s incapacity to welcome any more refugees; Their destiny
remain suspended until further notice.

The End

11 October 2017