3 September 2020 Business News



Give yourself a well-being break and say goodbye to any tension accumulated in recent months, whilst rediscovering the delicate balance between body and mind, easing stress and any physical weakness. Go back stronger than before.

September is the month of fresh beginnings all round. So let’s kick it off by recharging our bodies and minds.  
Here at Forte Village, we devote our time to helping you get your ideal shape and form back, making sure that you’re all ready and set to face the intensity of the coming months. There's surely only one ideal place for this: the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa. This is thanks not only to its thalassotherapy course which is unique in the world, but also to the variety of expertise that make it a centre of remise par excellence, with its team of experts in different disciplines all working together in perfect synergy.
In addition to the two classic ‘Spa Experience’ and ‘WeightLoss’ programmes, our team of specialists has developed two new plans, in keeping with the latest wellness trends, aimed at strengthening the immune system and helping you recover your vitality, with two different detox and anti-age combinations.

A programme offering you medical guidance and prescriptions, specialist visits and therapeutic treatments, all aimed at strengthening your immune system and maintaining your psycho-physical balance.

A programme offering you medical guidance and prescriptions, specialist visits and beauty treatments, all aimed at strengthening your immune system and carrying out anti-aging action on both your mind and body.

Regenerate yourself and get your psycho-physical balance back to how it should be. Our Acquaforte Thalasso& SPA is the ideal place for a weekend of pure relaxation. 

A full immersion experience, helping you to get back into shape and go back feeling ever so light and fresh. 

Forte Village is the only Resort in the world that has implemented one of the most advanced medical procedures with regards to COVID-19. There are two tests on offer - the first being a speedy antibody test, and the second being a real-time molecular swab, which will only be applied where required. Both employees and guests will be subject to testing. 

These tests, which are free of charge and ever so quick, are carried out by a team of medical specialists, available to the facility 24 hours a day, who use cutting-edge equipment which guarantees highly precise results.  

Such a procedure has been implemented with the primary objective of enabling its guests to have a peaceful and safe holiday, giving them the much awaited for opportunity to fully experience some truly memorable days under the warmth of the Sardinian sun, rediscovering those pleasures that we've had to resist for far too long, however big or small. 


3 September 2020