9 June 2017 News


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History of relations between Ukraine and the EU.

As of the 11th of June 2017, Ukrainians will be able to travel to Europe Schengen countries for a stay of 90 days without a visa. After a long wait, the only document required from them to access the Schengen area will be a valid biometric passport.  Although this visa waiver does not grant Ukrainians the right to work in the EU, it is considered a huge step toward the strengthening of EU-Ukraine relations. Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos hailed the reformation efforts done by Ukraine’s pro-Western government by stating that “From the very beginning, the Ukrainian authorities have demonstrated their full commitment to address the fight against corruption as a matter of priority and have carried out important reforms in the fields of border management and anti-discrimination. Ukraine has come a long way and today this is recognised and rewarded.” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressed his joy by writing, “YES, we did it!” on Facebook. He also added that Ukraine is gradually “becoming part of a common European civilisation”.

Archive video and interview with David Stulik, Press Officer of the EU Delegation in Ukraine.

Title: Relations between Ukraine and the EU

Details: Story of relations between Ukraine and the EU

Dateline: Archive video and interview shot in Kyiv, Ukraine - 23-24 / March / 2017

Source: 24 channel http://24tv.ua/

Restrictions: None

Filed: 25/March/2017

English Script:

Relations between Ukraine and the EU began in 1992. Then the President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk first met with the Head of the European Communities Jacques de Lor. Later, President Yushchenko has announced a clear European integration vector. In 2010 the idea of EU-Ukraine Association was supported Viktor Yanukovych.

Viktor Yanukovych: "This document reflects the clear conditions that Ukraine must fulfill in order to achieve the goal of obtaining a visa-free regime!"

His views Yanukovych did not change until 2013, though on the round of talks he was trying to invite Russia as well. In the most crucial moment in Vilnius Yanukovych abruptly changed his mind and reversed the policy towards Moscow. It was a turning point in modern Ukrainian history. Outraged people went to the Maidan.

"Ukraine - it's Europe! Ukraine - it's Europe! Ukraine - it's Europe."

The revolution of dignity, Sky hundred, annexation of Crimea and Donbas war. All of these events as blast covered the Ukraine for six months. A ratification of the Association Agreement was held simultaneously in Kiev and Brussels.

Poroshenko: "Start was difficult, but the finish will be victorious! Glory to Europe! Glory to Ukraine!".

The document recorded free trade, visa-free regime, as well as fighting corruption and terrorism. Ukrainian President was confident that the road is now open in Schengen.

Poroshenko: "Until the end of 2014 we will acquire the right of visa-free travel." It did not happen so.

Poroshenko: "Imagine, the first in January 2015 without any visa you can travel on passports Europe."

Again, a dream did not come true. Promises had no validity.

Poroshenko: "Visa-free - already in 2016".

Europeans accused Kyiv in braking reforms and total corruption. The movement of Ukraine to the EU was almost stopped by referendum in the Netherlands. The local citizens voted against the association with Ukraine. After lengthy negotiations a compromise with Amsterdam still should be found.

His spoon of tar recently added France. They say that opening of borders will cause uncontrolled flow of immigrants from Ukraine. But due to the result of previous discussions, the majority of MPs are still on the side of Ukraine. And this time they are ready to give support.

David Stulik: “We do not refer to specific dates, but now we can say that even before the holiday season – if everything goes well, - the Ukrainians will go on summer vacation without visas. But if they will have biometric passports, which many people do not know”.

If the European Parliament will vote on visa-free ride the Ukrainians with biometric passports will be able to go to the Schengen area for 90 days every six months – without the right to be employed.


9 June 2017