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First professional beach information platform awards world's best beaches for the first time. More than 1,600 beaches tested on-site, using up to 120 criteria.


Berlin, 24/07/2018. Nobody knows beaches better than the professional beach testers from https://www.beach-inspector.com/en. For three years now, the dedicated experts working for the world's first beach information platform have been visiting beaches and their surroundings and assessing them using various evaluation criteria. These range from water quality, beach development, and infrastructure, to the child-friendliness and visitor profile of the beach. More than 120 different data points are used to create the final beach evaluations. This standardised procedure is used to compare approximately 1,600 beaches all over the globe.

“We are very proud to, for the first time in our history, present the https://www.beach-inspector.com/en/awards to the world's best beaches. We are the only platform in the world to capture beach data and assess them using a detailed, standardised, and data-supported system. Our assessment produces clear results, substantiated by facts”, adds Kai Michael Schäfer, CEO and co-founder of Beach-Inspector.com, when describing the selection procedure.

The rankings cover a broad variety of beaches, which is why the Beach-Inspector Awards are presented in different categories: The CLASSIC HOLIDAY AWARD for the best beach holiday experience, the PARTY AWARD for beach goers in festive spirits, the WATER SPORTS AWARD for the best beaches for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing, and the most-coveted of all: the WOW BEACH AWARD for those beaches that simply take your breath away. A WOW BEACH should, above all, look stunning. Smaller beaches and real insider tips are honoured with the SPECIAL AMBIANCE AWARD. Check out the best beaches in the world here: https://www.beach-inspector.com/en/awards

All information about the awards at: https://www.beach-inspector.com/en/awards
Website: https://www.beach-inspector.com/en

Digital press kit: http://bit.ly/Beach-Inspector_Press-Kit


About Beach-Inspector

Beach-Inspector is the world's first comprehensive information platform for beaches. Trained beach inspectors travel to beaches across the world to subject them to a professional and authentic inspection. https://www.beach-inspector.com/en already covers more than 1,600 beaches in 55 holiday destinations.

24 July 2018