Philosophy paired with the “best-of-breed” leadership-, management- and change methodologies

Sa. sets new standards for the development of executives and focuses on dialogue, collaboration and co-creation


One of the world’s leading Business Philosophers, Anders Indset, launches shapingwork academy (, thereby creating the world's first academy that specifically translates models of philosophy for practical application and combines these with leadership and management concepts.

The shapingwork academy provides corporate education and is built upon the thesis that the exponential development of technologies leads to a fundamental change of traditional business logics and processes. “Companies not only need to change individual building blocks in their organizations, but in fact develop a completely new operating system and transform leadership" says Anders Indset. “The new reality of the technological society presents us with a multitude of challenges that are currently neglected in corporate education. The academy is, therefore, increasingly engaged in interdisciplinary subjects and focuses on personal development, leadership and ethics by training capabilities such as empathy and compassion, co-creation and dialogue." The academy is headed by Robin Weninger, who, in addition to his management work at the shapingwork academy, also holds teaching assignments at international universities and is a recognized European Digital Leader of the World Economic Forum.

The Norwegian-born cosmopolitan Indset is convinced that in times of permanent revolution and change it is worth more than ever to refocus on philosophy, like it was intended and taught at the streets of Agora in ancient Greece. "Core motivation in founding the shapingwork academy are questions raised by senior executives during keynote engagements and sparrings, showing a high demand for a new corporate education and leadership development approach," says Indset.

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9 May 2018