2 October 2018 Business News



Fast-growing dynamic and ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are key for future global economic prosperity, helping to create new job opportunities and economic growth in both developing and developed countries around the world. This is the key takeaway that became apparent today during the international ELITE Day event in Milan.

There are over 900 companies from across 32 countries in the ELITE community. They are generating over €66 billion in combined revenues and employ approximately 400,000 people worldwide . ELITE is a truly global network, boasting partnerships across Europe, the US, India, China, South America and Africa.


-Luca Peyrano, Ceo Elite

-Michael Spence, 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics

-Prof. John Davis, Founder and Chairman of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group: Professor Davis will focus on the importance of gaining altitude on the company and taking an owner’s perspective on the business, the industry, and the broader business environment

-Andrea Guerra, CFO, Eataly


Title: It's Elite Day at the Italian Stock Exchange

Milan – 30 September/01 October 2018


  1. 0' 00'' Footage: Elite Day 2018. (int/ext)


  1. 1' 09'' Interview:Ceo Elite, Mr. Luca Peyrano

“Elite is all about supporting SMEs and high-growth companies. Elite is a program where companies can actually access in an easier way skills, network and the capital, which is needed to scale up their business even faster and with the support of a growing global community of advisors, investors, including banks and auditors, law firms, and so on and so forth.”

“It’s been a very quick evolution. We started in 2012, from Milan and unexpectedly it grew up very very quickly. We are now present in more than 33 jurisdictions, present in basically every continent. Companies are mid-sized businesses. Most of the time family-run, high-quality businesses, but we also include some scale-ups on a select bases. Also start-ups, so that the community can engage and network for the purpose of achieving more opportunities.”


  1. 2' 28'' Interview: Nobel Prize in Economy

“Well, the small and medium-sized businesses are essentially the engine of growth, almost everywhere. And they’re certainly the engine of employment. Now, there are some differences across regions and countries in terms of their ownership and challenges that they face. But, I think the exciting prospect with these digital platforms like Elite is that small and medium-sized business can connect with each other, leverage each others’ talents, connect to financing, connect other bits of infrastructure to scale a business when you’re not huge, and so on. So I think regardless of where you look in the world, in the emerging markets in China for example, in Eastern Europe and in the developed economies, supporting the small and medium-sized businesses is a core element of the growth strategy.”

“So, companies’ needs vary a lot when you go from place to place, right? So I lived for several years, as I’ll say tomorrow, in Silicon Valley. When I first went to Silicon Valley there was no infrastructure at all, right? It was just a place that a few semi-conductor companies operated. I spent some time there and came back 20 years later, and there’s this incredible amount of what

I call “soft infrastructure”, right? So people think of that place as, you know, mainly supported by venture capitalists and they take risks, and that’s money, but it’s just completely misleading, right? This is a place where, you know, young people like the people who started Google can start a company. They don’t know anything about marketing, they don’t know anything about finance. They don’t know how to keep the accounts. But the system provides it. And the really exciting thing about today’s world is that businesses all over the world, using the digital technology platforms, can get to customers all over the world and suppliers all over the world, and eco-systems that support their growth, all over the world. And that makes eco-systems less local than they used to be. In other words, if you have a great start-up or a great middle-sized company, pick any industry. There are reasons you have to be in the center of innovations for

that industry but you can get a lot of support and you can get access to markets using the digital technology. So I think what I’m going to say tomorrow is that this is one of the great opportunities of all time. To use the digitally-enabled eco-systems built around platforms, to increase the market access and increase the supporting services for small and medium-sized businesses.”


  1. 5' 28'' Interview: Founder and Charman of Cambridge, Family Enterprise Group, Mr John Davis

“Generational succession is always a hard challenge, always a hard challenge, you can run a company very very well in a generation and then drop the ball between yours and the Next Generation. Its I've seen at time again and you need to have a talent development mentality. Not just


the end of your generation but almost every day, the winning companies today really get known as talent machines and they are doing everything they can for to develop family owners and also non- family managers and other employees to be the best in their industry. Well leads a wonderful concept you know bringing together aspiring high growth companies with service providers and capital providers investors is the magic formula. You have the possibility of exchanging ideas, networking, learning new Concepts, being able to Forge Alliances all in one place and more and more these are the ingredients of great success”

2 October 2018