21 November 2017




The annual Foreign Press Association in London Media Awards were held on the evening of Monday 20 November. 

The Awards are among the most prestigious awards’ ceremonies for journalism in the world.They are now in their eighteenth year and a well established feature of the international media calendar.

What stories are winning journalism prizes and who is making them?

The ongoing tragedy of the Syrian conflict, the disintegration of Libya and the harrowing story of thousands of refugees risking their lives to reach Europe and make a new life for themselves as well as the unfolding famine in Yemen,  loomed large in this year’s list of winners. To quote just two: Ross Kemp’s “Libya Migrant Hell” for Freshwater Films for Sky 1 and Mike Thomson’s “Last Call from Aleppo” for BBC Radio Current Affairs.

Our winner of this year’s Journalist of the Year Award was Daniel Taylor from The Guardian who also won the Sports category Award for “Child Abuse in Football”.

This year a wide range of topics won FPA Awards: North Korea’s reality stars; Rhino poaching in South Africa and the global syndicates in Asia fuelling the illegal killing. Also: the gig economy: when your boss is an algorithm; the Football paedophile; clean eating; travelling abroad with a child who has a disability…

The standard of entries is high and the competition intense. The range of topics wide-ranging.

Dedicated to excellence in journalism, the FPA Media Awards present a unique opportunity for British journalists to be celebrated and recognised by their international peers - on British as well as foreign stories. However they also attract an ever-increasing number of entries from many of the world’s major broadcasters, newspapers and news magazines.

The guest list is made up of 400 influential senior members of the British and international media, UK politicians, business leaders, foreign government representatives and other leading opinion makers.

The full list of winners of the Media Awards of the Foreign Press Association in London is available at: http://www.fpalondon.net/media-awards

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INTV Deborah Bonetti

INTV Benedicte Paviot

​Mario Monti greetings

GV's Kitchen Preparation - Giorgio Locatelli


​Awards ceremony

Hugh Dennis

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​Nawal Al-Magafi - TV News Story of the Year

Seyi Rhodes - Arts and Culture Story of the Year

Mike Thomson - Radio News Story of the Year

Deborah Davies - Environmental Story of the Year 

Daniel Taylor - Sports Story of the Year / Journalist of the Year

End of evening Sake reception

21 November 2017