12 June 2017 News


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David Stulik, the Press attaché of the EU Delegation in Ukraine, speaks about EU-Ukraine relations.

Title: Corruption is one of the main enemies of Ukraine
Details: David Stulik, the Press attaché of the EU Delegation in Ukraine, speaks about EU-Ukraine relations, integration of Ukraine into European
Dateline: Kyiv, Ukraine – 24-25 / March / 2017
Source: Sumy television, http://tv.sumy.ua
Restrictions: None
Filed: 25/March/2017

Direct speech Stulik David, Press attache of the EU Delegation to Ukraine:

- This 2017 year would not be somehow exceptional, because we will continue our success collaboration that have started after Euromaidan. And so the main direction - is to support reforms in Ukraine. We provide both financial and technical support to reforms such as energy efficiency, or the fight against corruption. It is also the decentralization reform, removing barriers to small business to access the EU market. For small and medium business to be able benefit the free trade agreements. There are also other reforms we support. Such as social policy reform, health care reform. We assume corruption as one of the main enemies of Ukraine.

Therefore the EU this year launched major initiatives of fight against corruption, for which we have allocated 15 million Euros. And the Danish government gave one million Euros. This initiative Danish experts will implement, because Denmark is №1 on fight against corruption.
Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world. So, the Danes are most competent to help you to fight corruption.

At the same time we help to create all these new bodies and institutions which fight with corruption – National Anti- anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, National Agency for Prevention of Corruption and provide them with ongoing support to most effectively fight corruption.

We do not refer to specific dates, but now we can say that even before the holiday season – if everything goes well, - the Ukrainians will go on summer vacation without visas. But if they will have biometric passports, which many people do not know.

Well, you know, visa-free will bring profits for travel agencies, for transport, for restaurants and hotels. It can increase the flow of tourists from Ukraine to Europe, and it has no impact on the issue of migration or work. It does not relate to employment or work.

12 June 2017