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Today, Monday, "Instagram for animals" is being launched simultaneously in Germany, Austria and the U.S. Animal owners can connect and share knowledge from their community. It's going to be a roaring good time!

Vienna/Berlin/Los Angeles  – The first social network that connects pets and their owners is taking shape with “grinzoo – my social pet app”. Now, instead of posting cat photos on Facebook, animal lovers can connect with an interested community and, among other things, post pelfies – selfies with their pets. This marks the beginning of one of the first special interest social media networks dedicated to the specific interests of this target group. Users can post as many photos and videos of their sweethearts as they want on the story wall and have other users rate them. Users have various means of rating at their disposal, including a thumb, a heart, or a diamond. The animal of the month is presented in a ranking list at the end of each month. The app also delivers interesting information on individual species and gives users a chance to swap knowledge, from nutrition tips and dog grooming to medical knowledge. Once a week, the blog on provides information on specific issues relating to pet care.

“There are over 30 million pets in Germany alone, and people spend more than nine billion euros on them every year. Our small housemates are already among the most popular subjects on Facebook and Instagram. grinzoo is the first app that connects pet owners and opens up new ways for them to interact. Animals are becoming stars and are finally getting the proper digital environment,” explain the founders Markus and Mike Schweitzer.


 From cats and dogs to horses and reptiles

Since not all breeds are created equally, grinzoo has filter options for the most popular pet breeds to make sure users find relevant content.

Pet owners can connect using the innovative app and meet up in person if they want. grinzoo displays animals in users’ geographical locations and thus gives them the perfect chance to find out about the best veterinarians, for example, or make plans to walk their dogs together.


The first platform for “petfluencers”

People who are already on social media channels with their pets can become influential petfluencers with grinzoo and delight the community with their content and “pelfies” (selfies with their pets). The potential is enormous: The cute lapdog “Jiffpom” already has 7.3 million followers on social media, 3.5 million people follow the Instagram cat nala_cat, and the pug itsdougthepug and his funny outfits take pride in over 3 million followers. Interested community members, whose hearts beat only for their animal companions, are awaiting the right “it pet” on grinzoo.

The first petfluencers can look forward to great prizes at the beginning: grinzoo is raffling off several iPhone X, iPads, and premium gift certificates for the pet boutique that makes real petfluencers’ eyes shine among the most active users in March 2018.

The grinzoo app is now available around the world in two languages and can be downloaded for free in Apple’s iTunes Store and in the Google Play Store. You can find additional information at

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12 February 2018