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Zynga and Alec Baldwin Preview Creative Collaboration Ahead of Game’s 10th Anniversary


Today, Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), a global leader in interactive entertainment, announced details of its creative collaboration with Emmy Award-winning actor, producer and director Alec Baldwin. A long-time player of Zynga’s iconic mobile game Words With Friends, Baldwin joins the title’s ongoing 10th anniversary celebration with a promotional content campaign, lending his signature wit and wry sensibility to humorous video vignettes that will be released over the next several months. In a sneak peek video interview just released, Baldwin discusses his personal connection to the game.


As part of the game’s 10th anniversary celebration, players voted for “journey” as their ‘word of the year’, a testament to the friendships and community in Words With Friends. In the video interview, Baldwin discusses his own unique ‘word of the year’ choice, tied to his growing family and personal journey with fatherhood. In the candid conversation, Baldwin speaks about his most tenacious Words With Friends competitor (his father-in-law), tips for scoring in the game (don’t hold out for a specific letter) and who he would most like to play in the game in the future—his children.

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00:26 - My word for 2020 will be, uh, the word five because my wife and I are having our fifth child. We’ll have five children. There are times – I’m not going to lie – that I lock myself in my room in the middle of the day and I play Words With Friends to calm down because my wife and I have had four children in four and a half years.

00:50 - And we would shoot movies and, of course, you’re sitting around and, um, uh, you have a lot of time on your hands in between setups so we would, uh, we would play all kinds of board games. We were like monkeys playing these games all day long. And then, of course, in – in the mobile world when Words With Friends comes along, I said, oh, this is right up my alley.

01:12 - There’s about 4 or 5 people I play with and, uh, some go away and then they come back. Uh, they go away without any announcement and they come back and I’m like “well, well, well, look who’s here back to play Words With Friends with me.”

01:27 - I find that, uh, since I started playing the game, it’s just another one of those things that relaxes me.

01:34 - You know, like – like if somebody comes to you and wants to play, they say they want to play and – and who wants to, uh, you know, just beat everybody all the time. It’s like tennis. You need to play with people that are better than you.

01:46 - My wife’s father, he’s just like blindingly smart guy and we’ll play Words With Friends. He’s – trounces me most times or he’s - the won loss thing is definitely in his favor big time. But I’ll sit there and go oh, I’m going to stick this to you, man; zymurgy (sic), you know, uh, uh, xylophone, whatever and, uh, I’m holding out for a letter which is a big mistake. Tip number 1, don’t hold out for a letter.

02:13 - I would worship Shakespeare and salute him but in Words With Friends, he would probably annoy me.

02:20 - You can do it anywhere. You can play it anywhere. And that’s the good news and the bad news. You should not play Words With Friends when you are scuba diving. Don’t – when you’re on a date, don’t do it. If you’re repairing the heat shield on the International Space Station.

02:37 - We don’t want to go there about Words With Friends on a plane. When I got kicked off of a plane for playing Words With Friends, uh, which we were parked at the gate by the way but weren’t on the runway. I’m not – I mean, I’m dumb but I’m not that dumb.

02:50 - I think we’ll just take the word “Baldwin” and we’ll change that from its former meaning because of course, that was all said in a positive and very flattering way a long, long time ago. Now to be a Baldwin is to be someone who is postponing their hip surgery because of their work schedule.

03:14 - I won! Ah, I won! Everybody!

03:21 - You good with that? And action. You know what I think would be funny? Is, is, well we'll do it both ways. We'll do it this way then I have another idea. Ready?

03:37 - Is there a doctor on set? Ok, everybody please give us some space.

03:56 - Spell anti-coagulant. A-N-T-I-C-O-A-G-U-L-A-N-T. Ha-ha. He's fine. He's fine everyone.

04:10 - Here we go ready? Action. Call me old school, I like to go analog when I get stuck and this _dolly is so squeaky I'm gonna cry.

04:28 - Ahem. That’s more like it. Really.

04:42 - Safari Alec Baldwin mimimg.

04:51 - Alec Baldwin playing Words With Friends

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06:21 - Zynga Corporate Headquarters 

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