12 June 2017 News


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Anton Marchuk is a 20-year-old student fighting corruption in Ukraine. He entered the under 30 Forbes list of successful young men.

Various of Anton hurriedly walking in Kiev.

“I'm Anton Marchuk, I'm a public activist who is fighting corruption. This is the biggest problem in Ukraine. I got on the Forbes list as one of the 30 young successful people. I have learned this very early on morning, after that I sat for several hours, thinking about how I got there and how to use and develop this further, what to do next?

My daily routine in the morning I study. In the afternoon, I go to work. It can be work in the office, there can be different meetings and activities. On weekends I travel around Ukraine, give lectures, and conduct trainings.

My university does not always positively evaluate what I do, especially if my activity are about the university itself. I study well, I give it enough attention, I do not have problems with giving up. But sometimes they do not perceive me well.

Corruption in Ukraine, is very difficult question to answer the question: "When will the corruption fall to the level of Poland, or the Czech Republic, or Slovakia?" Because in Ukraine the process will be long, as we see resistance from the political elite. The population in general is tolerant enough towards corruption. And in order to change this, most likely, it will take more
than one generation.

12 June 2017