7 November 2018 News




The World Youth Forum is a platform built by young people. It sends a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress to the entire world. It engages youth from around the globe in an enriching set-up, allowing them to exchange views and recommend initiatives to decision-makers and influential figures to achieve a better future for themselves and other young people around the world.

Shot list:


  • GVs World Youth Forum logo flags
  • GVs exterior Conference Centre
  • GVs WYF logo bus 
  • GVs & Cutaways WYF Panel Discussion:  Social Media: Saving or enslaving users
  • GVs Interior Conference Centre, participants meeting, WYF banners, social interaction
  • GVs Model Arab African Summit, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of Egypt speech, Zondwa Mandela speech
  • GVs handshake and presentation between President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Zondwa Mandela
  • IV soundbite Ghada Waly, Minister of Social Solidarity in Egypt


“Well, around the world there are many issues that are in common, employment, you know creating a future, starting a family, the safety and security of doing what they have passion to do and at the same time securing an income. I think that is important to most youth but also climate change, issues of diversity, issues of violence in general in the world are issues which concern our youth.”


  • GVs Startup Vein
  • IV soundbite Dr. Rasha Ragheb, President, World Economic Forum


“It’s a belief in the owners of the idea. Because the World Youth Forum itself is a voice for youth, Egyptian youth who want to have a platform, to gather all youth around who want to have a platform”


  • IV soundbites World Youth Forum participants on the theme of the World Youth Forum bringing young people together to share information and ideas





“I’m interested in her project on digital and inclusive finals (exams) for women and me also, I’m in education for women, so we just complete each other”


“My favourite thing is that you can see the problem from different perspections. You can see the same issue but you can get an opinion from people with different cultural background, which is the most valuable thing for me”


  • GVs World Youth Forum Closing Ceremony
7 November 2018